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threeriversfan's Journal

Three Rivers Community
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This community is dedicated to the CBS show Three Rivers
threeriversfan was created in May 2009 to bring "Three Rivers" fans together. News articles, videos, pictures, discussions and fanart can be posted here.

What is "Three Rivers"?
"Three Rivers" is a new medical show about an organ transplant hospital. It has been created by Carol Barbee.

Who are the actors?
Here is the main casting we are aware of:
Alex O'Loughlin.....Dr. Andy Yablonsky
Katherine Moennig.....Dr. Miranda Foster
Daniel Henney.....Dr. David Lee
Christopher J.Hanke.....Ryan Abbott
Julia Ormond.....Dr. Sophia Jordan
Justina Machado.....Pam Acosta

When is it on?
It will start airing every Sundays at 9PM on CBS.

Can I post icons or other graphics?
Yes you can! Actually, any kind of graphics is welcome on this community.

What about fanvids?
Same applies to fanvids, though make sure to introduce your video first. Here's an example of what you could write in your entry:
o Title:
o Author:
o Summary:
o Ships/Characters:
o Song(s) used:

Are fanfictions allowed?
YES! Make sure you need introduce your fic and put if under a cut. Here's an example of what you could write in your entry:
o Title:
o Author:
o Rating:
o Warnings:
o Ships/Characters:
o Summary:

Can I pimp a friending meme here?
Yes you can, but make sure "Three Rivers" is included in your friending meme (for example, no "Moonlight" or "The L Word" friending meme). Multi-fandom friending memes are allowed.

Can I pimp my community/journal here?
If it is Three-rivers related (actors, ships, characters, fanfics, graphics,...), then yes you can. No personal journals will be allowed though.

Are spoilers allowed in this community?
Yes they are, but please, make sure you put the spoilers under a cut!

- Once you've joined the community, you can introduce yourself by making a new post. Please, introduce yourself only once.
- Make sure you use the right tags. A tag list has been created so it's easier for you to find the right tag. If you have any questions about tagging, please contact a mod.
- LJ-cuts are mandatory for spoilers, discussions, reviews, icons (if you have more than 3 icons in your entry)
- Wank is not allowed in this community. threeriversfan is aiming to be a friendly community so please, show some respect to the other members, even those who don't share your opinion! Homophobic or racist remarks will not be tolerated in any case.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact a mod!
Most of all, have fun!!

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